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The Belly Dance School "Impromptu" invites you to a belly dance for beginners, both adults and children. Belly dance lessons are held daily in the morning, afternoon and evening. Training in belly dancing takes place in a cozy atmosphere and relaxed atmosphere. Experienced and attentive teachers, in love with the dance of the East, a unique teaching methodology that has won St. Petersburg by its effectiveness, and an individual approach to the students is what our belly dancing studio is famous for. Belly dancing for beginners is, basically, lessons on the technique of belly dancing. Having received the initial training, you can go to the groups where they study belly dance for those who continue. Belly dance for the continuer - this is the dance lessons of the east, on which the ligaments and dances are learned. You have to learn belly dancing in different styles and with different accessories: belly dance with sagas, belly dance with cane, belly dance with candelabrum, belly dance with wings, belly dance in beledy style, belly dance in style of Sayid, east dance in Khalji style And so on and so on ... all the styles that oriental dance implies.

The training of belly dancing in the dance school "Impromptu" is divided into two main levels: - groups in which the technique of belly dancing is studied! In them, the basic movements of oriental dance are analyzed in detail, newcomers to such groups are poured in easily and painlessly and are never deprived of the attention of the teacher. We analyze the mechanics of movements, the rules of imposing elements on oriental music, "put in place" handles and legs, develop proper posture, do stretching exercises, etc. These groups are created by those who just want to improve their health, and are also a launching pad for beginner dancers! Such groups of east dance are always open to newcomers, you do not need to sign up for them, just come and do it. - Closed groups of oriental dance are created for those who want to constantly develop as a belly dancer and reach a higher level in dance. In such groups, the complex elements of the Arab dance are analyzed and worked out, various dance combinations and compositions are studied, attention is paid to the development of improvisational skills, Arab rhythms and various styles of oriental dance are studied, and various accessories are being introduced. Continuing students study belly dancing with a shawl, belly dancing with a cane, belly dancing with sagas, belly dancing with wings, etc.

Someone from the participants of such groups speaks to friends and relatives, someone dreams to flash at an oriental party, another sets a goal to participate in our dance concerts that take place twice a year, some dream to fight at belly dance competitions, and some Has already made the dance of the east his profession, but continues to improve. These groups are formed strictly by appointment. Pleasant news: Our belly dancing school presents belly dance lessons under live darbuka, belly dance under live darbuku (tabla, oriental drum) !!!

Centro de capacitación "Progreso" 2017-05-13 23:30
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