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In art school, children receive professional education. The program of the art school contains the full scope of the main study assignments for drawing, painting, arranged in a strict sequence of complicating tasks: examining the basics of composition, perspective, proportions of the laws of light and shade and plastic anatomy, gives an idea of ​​form, volume and design. Particular attention is paid to the method of structural and structural imaging of objects. The basic principles of the drawing from nature contribute to the formation and development of spatial and spatial representations and the improvement of graphic skills.
The following disciplines are studied at school: Drawing, Graphics, Painting, Composition, Sculpture, History, Fine Arts, Applied Art (Tapestry, Felt), Design.
For 8-9 grades, 10-11 grades, 2-year courses: Fundamentals of Fine Arts, Fundamentals of Design, Fundamentals of Modeling, Preparing for University Entry, Making Creative Works, Fine Arts for Any Age, Weekend Groups.
At the end of the certificate is issued the state standard.
Contact phone numbers:
+7 775 202-89-00

Артикул: 228.170926.151518
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